Monday, 16 October 2017

Sarah Millican In Conversation

Sarah Millican talking about her new book How To Be Champion

Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle Upon Tyne

7pm, Sunday 15th October 2017

£12.50 or £25.50 with a signed copy of How To Be Champion

One Word

Before it Started
I met a friend in a coffee shop around the corner, and we were early for the event so were some of the first through the doors. I had bought my ticket in store at Waterstones so after I collected my signed book I had to go to the ticket office and claim a seat.

I have to admit I hadn't been expecting this, and although it meant I couldn't sit next to my friend, I was only two rows in front so it wasn't all bad. I got a seat in the stalls with a good view of the stage. and I suppose you don't really need to talk when you're watching an event.

First Impressions
If you have never been to the Tyne Theatre & Opera House one thing to have to know is that it's a bit... Weird.

It is a Grade 1 listed building, and the theatre is breathtaking, the corridors, bar and toilets not so much.

First impressions were  "Well it's a bit shabby, isn't it?" and so when I went to actually take my seat I was serious surprised. It is the most stunning venue I have ever had the pleasure to watch something in. Soft blues, white, gold gilt. Extremely comfortable chairs. I was quite glad I had arrived early so I could sit and just stare at the architecture.

The Main Event
It was a full house. I couldn't see a single empty seat, there was lots of excited chatter, a lot of people flicking through the book before the lights dimmed.

I was sat with strangers on either side, and one of them drank a lot (and all I could smell was vodka) but they didn't bother me and didn't encroach on my personal space, which is always a plus when you're stuck with people you don't know.

Once the lights went down, there were a few (a lot) of mishaps with the mics but it added to the hilarity of the evening. It worked, it woke everyone up, it made everyone laugh, it got everyone engaged.

Both Sarah and her interviewer were enthusiastic and passionate and funny. I loved the anecdotal stories and the character Sarah put in to reading out passages of her book. Her personality really comes across in How To Be Champion and even if I hadn't seen her read from it herself, I would still have read it in her voice.

The event, venue and book were excellent! It is one of the best In Conversation events I have been to, not a moment was dull.

The event made me even more excited to get stuck in. And I have to say that the book is wonderful! Check back soon for a full review, but if you like Sarah Millican in any way, shape or form, go out and get this book!

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