Monday, 4 November 2013

Stalking Sapphire by Mia Thompson

Stalking Sapphire is full of mystery and suspense and WOW at those twists. I thought I had everything figured out and then my mind was blown by the who-dunnit twist.

The writing is strong, the plot unravels at a delicious pace, gripping yet slow and subtle. It really is fantastic.

Sapphire is a great character - you know and understand her motives right from the start. She's confused and tense and there are reasons for that. Aston grew on me, as I wasn't sure about him at first, I didn't know whether I liked him. I think he perhaps grew the most as a character so I ended up liking him by the end and enjoying reading his parts.

This is New Adult as it should be written - yeah, there's a little teensy tiny bit of sex, but it's not overkill. It's not even graphically described (THANK YOU!). This story is Sapphire and her transition from young adult to adult. She has to sort out her own life, get her priorities right, and catch that killer! And Mia Thompson writes it wonderfully.

I cannot wait for the next one. Especially with that extra twist at the end. Can I have it now, please?

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