Friday, 1 November 2013

To New Beginnings

So, new blog time. Why? Because I've realised I'm something of a crime junkie. I'm addicted to the thrill, the mystery and the bitchiness. But Tea Party Princess is kind of my home for Young Adult, New Adult and Chick-Lit, which is only a small portion of my reading.

You'll find reviews of Crime, Mystery and Thriller books on here. Oh, and any Horrors that I happen to pick up, as they tend to fit quite snugly into those categories too. Maybe even some fantasy, although I don't read as much of that as I did when I was younger. I read a lot of work by local authors so expect some particular attention paid to any local writers.

Reviews will most likely be posted sporadically through the week, with no set timetable, because that's not how reading works for me. Some weeks I'll read one book that whole week, and others I can read several a day.

This Northern Reader is going to be full of features and giveaways. The whole giveaway thing is pretty new to me, but I really want to share 

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